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NonaBruna is a brand of handmade products of Lola Giardino, Argentinian designer who lives in Barcelona, who cooks, who sews and molds pottery in her little workshop creating unique pieces with history. 
The inspiration comes to her for her two marvelous grandmothers, La Nona and la Abuelina. Of them, she learnt to appreciate the things that are made with patience and dedication.

La Nona, italian, she moved to Argentina during the war, she was dressmaker of high sewing and she converted to aprons all the dresses that were no more used. 
The daddy’s ñoquis with butter that she perpetrated every time that we came to visit her are still my favorite meal. 
La Abuelina, she is a painter; she sews aprons, oven gloves and other kitchen stuff with pieces of fabric that she got from everywhere. 
Because of her I learnt cooking and so much other things. 
In my last trip to Argentina, la abuelina offered me fabrics, buttons, and old laces. From all this it came out the firsts aprons of the Nona Bruna collection. 
Nona Bruna’s collection includes aprons, tablecloth, pieces of crochet and pottery objects. All of them were thought to join them with prepared meals made with love.